Predatory Trans ‘Waxing Activist’ Comes After Restaurant – They Deny Incident Ever Even Happened

Ashley (Kimber)

We’ve written about supposed “trans” predator Jessica Yaniv a few times now.

The twisted individual gained national notoriety when he targetted women who refused to wax his male genitals. The women either felt uncomfortable or untrained to wax male genitals. He then sued them into oblivion.

Conservative trans woman Blair White first made a video exposing this, and other predatory behaviors.

She then interviewed Yaniv, exposing how truly demented this individual is. 

It was reported that Yaniv was arrested following the interview, as he revealed he was in possession of weapons that are illegal in Canada.

CLEARLY, this whole ordeal hasn’t stopped him from being a predatory nutjob that seeks to harm others… because he has now sued a restaurant for “denying him service” for being trans.

The kicker?

The restaurant denies ANY of that ever happened.

According to Daily Wire: 

Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv claimed in a video posted to Twitter on Friday that Canadian restaurant New York Fries denied the activist service for being transgender; Yaniv swiftly filed a complaint. However, according to New York Fries, the incident never happened.

“I went to the Pacific Center Mall and I went to New York Fires — and this is gonna be on my next Human Rights complaint — but I asked for some fries and they literally said, ‘not for you, sir, you’re transgender,'” Yaniv told The Post Millennial’s Lindsay Shepherd.

I’m sorry, but this doesn’t even sound real.

“Not for you, sir, you’re transgender.’

Really? Who would even talk like that?


Sounds about right.

Also SHAME on this person’s mother for enabling her son’s disease. NO WONDER he’s so messed up.

Yaniv is, in SO many ways, a threat to society.

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