Epstein Fallout, Lance Armstrong Is Still A Jerk, And Some Fencer Kneeled Because BRAVERY

Daisy, Co-Founder

What a weekend, y’all.  Epstein “committed suicide.”  Yeah.  And if you believe that, I have some tidal wave insurance I need to sell you in Indiana.

Also, Lance Armstrong is still a raging jerk who’s learned nothing from life’s lessons.  Good to know.

Aaaaaaand, some fencer-of-pallor (named Race) kneeled over the weekend, because BRAVERY, y’all.  SOOOOOOO brave.  It’s almost as brave as going to Afghanistan and fighting in a war for our freedom so that privileged fencing shmucks have the right to kneel.

Oh wait – it’s not brave like that at all.

But it’s cute that he’s given some attention to the sport of fencing.  Good for you, Race!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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