Military Couple Reunited with Long Lost Puppy

Rachel S

The way things have gone this last week, I think we could all use a smile. Fortunately, Wings of Rescue has got our back.

This nonprofit, which transports homeless animals out of overcrowded shelters into areas where there’s room for them to thrive until they find their forever homes, recently had a very special passenger named Jodie. Jodie’s humans, Victoria and Gregory Hudler, were anticipating the birth of their baby when they trusted a family member to look after Jodie for them. The family member did the opposite, however, and sold Jodie. The family member literally deserves life in prison.

That was two years ago.

Then Jodie was found in a Tennessee shelter thanks to her microchip. (MICROCHIP! YOUR! PETS!!!!!!) It’s unclear how Jodie got to Knoxville from her home in New Jersey, but I doubt the Hudlers really cared once they found out that Wings of Rescue was ready to help them get their pup back.

Jodie joined 130 other dogs and was flown to her waiting humans, who met her with open arms and a fuzzy pheasant toy in a video that totally did not make me sob uncontrollably:

Reunited and it feels so Good!

Posted by Wings of Rescue on Saturday, August 10, 2019

WHO AM I KIDDING I SOBBED. I’m still sobbing. Jodie was just a pup when she was stolen, adopted to be an emotional support dog for this military couple (thank you Victoria and Gregory for your service). And she remembers her humans. It takes her a minute to be sure, but she remembers them, alright. And she finally, finally gets to go home.

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