Dan Crenshaw Clarifies His Stance On Red Flag Laws.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I want him to be president someday for real.


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There is a big difference between the current understanding of Red Flag Laws, and the kind of laws that conservatives would support. Let’s clear this up.

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If you’re unable to see that embedded Instagram video, here he is on FB:

He’s absolutely right. I have a huge pet peeve about people saying, “I just want to have a conversation” about heavy topics most of the time, but in this instance, I get it. It’s important that on issues as big as how to prevent mass shootings, that people not jump to conclusions and/or immediately denounce people like Crenshaw for simply proposing discussion about potential solutions.

The fact that so many people rushed to condemn him for suggesting sensible red flag laws are something to talk about is emblematic of how emotionally charged everyone is right now. I get it. But we all need to just calm down and listen to one another.  Dan Crenshaw is a 2A supporter.  He’s a conservative.  And he’s right about this.

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