Candace vs Chrissy: A Twitter Spat So Brief, You May Have Missed It

Rachel S

If I were to make a list of inconsequential celebrities, Chrissy Teigen wouldn’t even make the list because she’s so inconsequential I fail to remember her existence unless it’s pointed out to me.

Now, credit where credit is due, her Twitter game is strong– when she sticks to trolling her husband and gushing about her daughter. When Candace Owens gets involved, well. . .

In case you missed it, the owner of SoulCycle is holding a fundraiser for Trump, and that is a major problem™ for much of the celebrity elite, and also Michael Moore. And since Candace Owens has never hesitated to point out temper tantrums when she sees them, she tweeted about it and basically told them to check their privilege.

Of course, this is an outrageously offensive notion, because liberals love telling other people to check their privilege while being wildly ignorant about their own. So Chrissy shot back in an equally nuanced and topic-driven response.

LOL just kidding:

So. . . Candace points out a very tangible and specific behavioral problem– and, to be honest, I think her point would’ve been stronger without the name-calling at the end– and Chrissy Teigen plugs her ears and shouts nonsense. How productive. Also, I’d like to point out a few comparisons: “toddler” and “ghoul” are not on the same level. Nor are “out-of-touch” and “soulless.” The former insults indicate behavior. the latter indicate sub-humanness. I think that’s something to ponder.

I would’ve liked to have seen one of these celebrities explain what they think they’re accomplishing. But I suspect they don’t because they really can’t. So, I guess that’s Candace: 1, Chrissy: 0.

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