Elizabeth Warren Is Caught In Yet Another Lie

Ashley (Kimber)

It seems that Elizabeth Warren’s campaign somehow moved from “there’s no freaking WAY” territory to “slightly possible.”

It doesn’t make any sense to me. The woman is a pathologically lying nutjob… but here we are. They’re ALL nutjobs.

Anyway, Warren is coming after private prisons now.

As noted by Daily Wire:

Just before the debate, Warren released a plan to ban private prisons, saying the for-profit prisons were “exploitation, plain and simple.”

“Our criminal and immigration systems are tearing apart communities of color and devastating the poor, including children,” she said while announcing her plan. Days later at the debate, she reiterated this stance. She claimed at the debate that the Trump economy only benefited “a thinner and thinner slice at the top,” which the biggest beneficiaries being “people who want to invest in private prisons.” She also listed oil and pharmaceutical companies as doing well under the Trump economy.

But here’s the thing… that’s bull.

Plain as simple. (to put it in her words.)

According to the Washington Post:

The two most prominent private prison company stocks have plummeted — CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America) is down about 25% since Trump’s inauguration, and GEO Group is down about 20%. The five top exchange-traded funds that track the pharmaceutical industry (each one linked somewhere here) have all lagged the the [sic] S&P 500’s 31% return since Trump’s inauguration. Exxon-Mobil and Occidental Petroleum have lost value in the Trump era, and BP and Chevron have underperformed the market, as has ConocoPhillips.

Bank of America and Suntrust have also announced they would each stop financing for-profit prisons.

So… no. Private prisons aren’t BOOMING under Trump.

This is just another LIE meant to paint Trump as the “bad guy” to Warren’s “good guy.”

After Warren’s debate claims, CBS tried to provide support for Warren’s argument, saying Trump’s reversal of former President Barack Obama’s executive order reducing the use of private prisons led to “a boon for prison companies.” Their support for this comes from complete speculation. Trump’s 2019 budget didn’t increase the federal Bureau of Prison’s annual spending, but CBS found “some analysts” who “expect spending to shift to private prison companies.”

It also cited Trump’s budget request for $2.5 billion for detention centers holding illegal immigrants, which the outlet claimed is a “major revenue source for prison operators.”

Long story short?

Democrats have so little to ACTUALLY complain about, they’ve resorted to making stuff up.

…and Elizabeth Warren is an EXPERT at that.

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