Meghan McCain Slams Joy Behar Over Call To Leave Citizenship Census Question Blank

Ashley (Kimber)

Joy Behar is calling on Americans to NOT ANSWER whether or not they are a citizen if the question comes to be on the 2020 census.

Meghan McCain called her out for how STUPID that is.

According to Fox News:

McCain claimed that it wasn’t as easy for ordinary Americans, as it was for Behar, to ignore the question since the government would likely fine them thousands of dollars.

“You will be fined $5,000 to $10,000 if you don’t answer it,” McCain said, before adding, “I don’t think the average American can afford 10 grand.”

Joy Behar couldn’t give less of a rat’s about the average American… but she came up with this stupid response instead:

Behar responded by suggesting Americans could pretend they didn’t see the question and that it would be difficult for authorities to punish everyone who refused to answer. “They can’t put all of us in jail. We’re about 200 some-odd million people in this country,” she said in the Tuesday morning exchange.

Is Joy delusional enough to think ‘200 some-odd million people’ are going to listen to her?


After the camera panned to an apparently disturbed McCain, Behar said, “lock us all up.” Behar argued that Trump wanted to add the census question so that he could eliminate competition for Republicans running for office.

This doesn’t even make sense.

If you’re not a citizen, you don’t get representation in our government.

If ACTUAL citizens vote for Republicans, then so be it. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DON’T GET A SAY. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

The question, Behar also said, would produce more favorable districting for Republicans. “They would like to make the country a Republican country without any competition — that’s basically what they’re doing,” she said before describing their actions as part of a “coup.” She later argued that Trump “should be embarrassed” that he can’t win elections “legitimately.”

Is she really THIS dumb?


But you know what? Go ahead, Leftists. Leave your citizenship question blank.

Your state will receive less Federal funding, and you won’t be counted when it comes to assigning representatives.


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