The Bernie Campaign’s New Video On Canceling Student Debt Is Beyond Parody

Ashley (Kimber)

You guys…

This is a joke, right?

A prank? An SNL skit? (Nah – it’s too funny to be an SNL skit.)

I mean, just watch:


EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS A JOKE. From the way she whips off her glasses at the beginning, to the creepy, predatory nature of the claims. It’s basically saying “IF BERNIE WINS YOUR DEBT GETS ERASED. BOOM!”

Yeah… that’s not how this works. The sad thing? This crap show of a video WILL work on a bunch of mouthbreathers who simply can’t be held accountable for the massive loans they took out to pay for Spring Break. (Yes – this happens constantly. A bunch of people I went to college with paid for Spring Break, booze, and clothing with their loan checks.)


One tweet spoke to my heart:

This is EXACTLY my situation. At 28, I’ve paid off tens of thousands, and worked REALLY hard to do so.

I expect a refund on all of that. And a little bonus since I responsibly took out only what I needed, unlike many of my peers. Thanks.

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