Ilhan Omar Blatantly Lied To 400 High School Kids, And Swalwell Is The First One OUT

Daisy, Co-Founder

WATCH: Trey Gowdy speaks out about Eric Swalwell

In today’s episode of ‘comin-at-ya-from-downtown-Indy!’, we bring you news of who the first Dem dropout is – hint:  It’s not Gillibrand, like I thought it would be.  My money is on her next.  Just so we’re all clear on how wacked-out the world is, Marianne Williamson is still in the race.

Y’all may want to start prepping.  You’re welcome.

Also, Ilhan Omar just lied to 400 high school kids.  That’s right, she made up a story about racism, because real racism in this country isn’t as rampant as she would like it to be, so she had to make a story up (Jussie Smollett, anyone?).  It was a story so full of drama that she inserted HERSELF into it – because this is what Democrat women do these days, dontchaknow.  They lie, then they turn around and call President Trump a liar (even though he vomits truth from his mouth at times when we’d sometimes wish he’d stop). Then, when they’re caught lying like the lying liar hosebeasts they are, they just say crap like, “well, those were the stories I knew” or “that’s MY truth.”  Isn’t that right, Elizabeth Warren?

Ah yes.  Democrats.  So empowered with all the lies and whatnot.

Anyway, just like AOC, Ilhan is a shifty liar, too, and can’t be trusted.  So, thanks a lot for that, Minnesota.

Happy Tuesday, y’all.

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