Prominent Meteorologist Levels Ocasio Cortez Over Hysterical Climate Change Claims

Ashley (Kimber)

Another day, another instance of deranged leftist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez spewing absolute nonsense.

Now she’s claiming that flooding in DC is due to the “climate crisis.” You know – because all weather-related issues are, in her mind.

According to Daily Wire:

Ocasio-Cortez made her remarks in response to a local area reporter who was reporting on heavy rain and some flooding that was occurring around the D.C. area.

“Unprecedented flooding is quickly becoming a new normal. Despite that, Republicans are tripling down on fossil fuels w/no plan to transition off them, or make the critical infra investments we need to prep for the climate crisis,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “Each day of inaction puts more of us in danger. Climate change intensifies flooding, wildfires, & extreme weather. It’s more than 1 day or 1 storm; it’s all of them. Places are flooding where they haven’t before; there are 90-degree days in Alaska in June. The GOP will mock & sow confusion until it’s their home swept away.”

Oh wow! She’s right! The world really IS ending!

But wait… let’s hear from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, shall we?

“This science is cutting-edge … but the politics obviously isn’t.”

TRANSLATION: Slow your damn roll. You’re embarrassing yourself again.

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