Bill Clinton’s Statement On Jeffrey Epstein Is Raising Some Eyebrows

Ashley (Kimber)

WATCH: Jeffrey Epstein indicted on sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy

As we’ve mentioned a few times now, this Epstein thing is REALLY blowing up.

As I’ve also mentioned, the Clintons are probably losing their BLEEP right now. Their relationship with the notorious sexual deviant goes way back. In fact, he once claimed to have co-founded their infamous slush fund, the Clinton Foundation.

Even Nancy Pelosi’s daughter seems to realize the Clintons may go down with this ship.

So what’s Slick Willy to do?

Well, he’s going with a pre-emptive strike:

YEEEAH. If your BS alarm isn’t going off, you may want to check the batteries.

For one, note that he claims he took four trips BETWEEN 2002-2003. That’s in two years, folks. Nowhere does he say there weren’t MANY others – but he constructs it in a way that implies that, without actually lying about it. SLICK, Bill. That’s really slick.

So um…


How often do YOU travel with virtual strangers?


Right. About that…

PS: why is he doing this?

A “pre-denial” seems like an awfully strange thing to do, does it not?

…Not if you know it’s coming for ya.

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