Billionaire Democrat To Make A Late Entry Into Crowded 2020 Primaries

Ashley (Kimber)

Eric Swalwell realized it’s time to call it quits today.

(Lol. Bye. Gooood riddance.)

But shockingly, we might not be one clown down.

It seems that someone new wants to enter the race.


Mega-rich Dem Donor Tom Steyer.

According to the Atlantic:

The presidential-campaign announcements may not be over yet—with the latest potentially coming from a person who ruled out a run just a few months ago.

The billionaire investor Tom Steyer, who in the past decade has been both the top Democratic donor in the country and the prime engine for pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, appears ready to become Democratic candidate No. 26. Last week in San Francisco, Steyer told staffers at two progressive organizations he funds, Need to Impeach and NextGen America, that he is launching a 2020 campaign, and that he plans to make the formal announcement this Tuesday.

I guess he couldn’t decide who to give his money to, so he decided to run himself?

Buuuut it sounds like the guy may be a bit of a flake:

But don’t take that to the bank yet—Steyer had told people to expect his presidential run in January, and he had even scheduled a trip to Iowa for a kickoff, only to change his mind in the final days before the launch. That resulted in what was perhaps a first in presidential politics: a trip to Iowa to announce he was not running. Instead, Steyer hosted a town hall for his Need to Impeach group, which currently has 8 million members and in the space of two years has become the largest progressive-leaning organization in the country.

He sounds like a real gem, doesn’t he?

Anyway, according to the source link he used to be all about Elizabeth Warren… but more and more he thinks he should just do it himself.

Whatever dude. Go for it.

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