Megan Rapinoe Claims The World Cup Can’t Be Won Without ‘Gays’ – It’s ‘Science’

Ashley (Kimber)

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I couldn’t give less of a crap that Megan Rapinoe is gay.

In fact, I don’t care if anyone is gay. I have gay friends and family members. It’s cool with me. Whatevz. It’s 100% a non-issue in my book. I do not CARE.

I do, however, find her anti-American, entitled attitude to be obnoxious.

And this? Well… it’s just WEIRD.

According to this, Megan thinks it’s science that you need gays to win sports. Or this is just her idea of being cheeky. I literally don’t get it.

Following a triumphant World Cup win against the Netherlands even amid a verbal scuffle with Donald Trump, Megan Rapinoe playfully doubled down on her assertion that it’s impossible to win the World Cup without lesbians.

“We already discussed this. Science is science. Gays rule,” the champion who scored six goals in the this year’s World Cup and earned the Golden Boot reiterated in response to the USWNT’s official account.


…am I missing something here? Is this supposed to be clever?

“You can’t win a championship without gays on your team — it’s never been done before, ever. That’s science, right there,” Rapinoe said last week when asked about playing in the World Cup during Pride Month.

Indeed, at the time Rapinoe made the assertion, the four remaining teams in the tournament — the United States, England, Sweden, and the Netherlands — all had out lesbian or bisexual players.

So like… is she saying that gay people are genetically different? Have different athletic abilities?



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