Man Who Killed 7 Marines Should Never Have Been Out Of Jail, Now Being Held On ICE Detainer

Erin Evans

This is just tragic.

Seven U.S. Marines were killed in a fiery crash at about 6:30 p.m. on June 21 after a pickup truck driven by 23-year-old Volodymyr Zhukovskyy crossed the center line of U.S. 2, the Boston Herald reported.

Zhukovskyy crashed his 2016 Dodge pickup truck head-on into a group of Jarheads Motorcycle club riders on their way to an event in northern New Hampshire.

“We’re able to confirm that we have seven fatalities at this point,” New Hampshire State Police Captain Chris Vetter told WMUR the night of the wreck.  “In addition to that, we had two people who were injured that were transported to the [hospital], and an additional person that was med-flighted to [the hospital].

Zhukovskyy pled not guilty to negligent homicide.  Now, it’s come out that Zhukovskyy, a native of Ukraine who’s being held on an U.S. ICE detainer and will face deportation when released, shouldn’t have been driving in the first place:

After the wreck, investigators discovered that the driver of the truck that killed seven people had a history of driving under the influence, according to MassLive.

In fact, he was arraigned on June 26 for a May 11 DUI arrest in East Windsor, Connecticut.

Zhukovskyy’s license had been suspended for several years after a drunk driving incident in Westfield, MassLive reported.

And on June 3, five months after his arrest in Baytown, he rolled an 18-wheeler in the same area, the Boston Herald reported.

That wreck occurred just two weeks before Zhukovskyy plowed into the motorcycle club in New England.

He was arrested at a Denny’s in February, where he appeared jittery and cops thought he was on drugs.  Zhukovskyy denied that he was on anything, claiming he was simply tired from his job as a truck driver – though officers found a crack pipe in his pocket.

This dude was a truck driver.  Perhaps his employer should be investigated for employing a driver with such an awful driving record?

All loss of life is tragic.  But it adds insult to injury when the person causing the loss shouldn’t be there in the first place.


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