Yoo hooo! CNN, MSNBC, Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter – Where Are You On This Story?

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Check this out.

Lemme ask you something. If a conservative NRA member and lobbyist were arrested for domestic violence, do you think the main stream media mouthbreathers would cover it?

Of course they would. They’d be falling all over themselves to be first on the scene.

But when Robert Blaisdell, a lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown gun grabbing group, is arrested for simple assault, false imprisonment, and criminal mischief after locking a family member in a laundry room and stepping on their hand and destroying their cell phone….crickets.

Blaisdell is a fairly prominent attorney, who has represented Everytown for Gun Safety (which has under its umbrella those crazy Moms Demand Action weirdos and their associated student group – Students Demand Action.)

So it’s kiiiiiind of a “juicy story” as PJMedia puts it. But again…crickets.

Stephen Green, who wrote the source article, discovered the news of Blaisdell’s arrest via Twitter, which led him to a couple of other blogs as well as the New Hampshire Union Leader. As he put it, “there’s been next to zero original reporting.”

Raise your hand if you’re shocked.

Apparently, news of this guy’s arrest is being considered nothing more than a “local story” even though Blaisdell is a lobbyist and actively engaged in activities that aim to disarm American citizens.

I guess I can maybe sorta kinda see why Bloomberg news wouldn’t report Blaisdell’s arrest, but the rest of the media? Where are they?

Oh I know. They’re working overtime hating Trump. Check out this clip of Brian Stelter talking out of both sides of his dumb, fat face.

I mean, the bias is BLATANT. Look at this clip of him interviewing Scott Pelley about responsible journalism, and asking how much Trump is to blame for fake news (right around the 2.47 mark):

That happened in the very clip that Scott Pelley was making the case that people should rely on CNN for REAL NEWS, you guys.

It’s laughable.

The main stream media is a joke, and they’re too elitist and lacking self awareness to get it.