Rod Rosenstein Puts Comey On Blast, We’ve Got Another Democrat Presidential Contender, And Weiner’s Free.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

It’s a busy Tuesday, y’all.

Rod Rosenstein has been out of his Asst Atty General role for like 45 seconds, so naturally he’s hitting the TV talk circuit. You never know what’s gonna happen with exits like his, and whether these folks will stab Trump in the back, stay neutral, or what.

Rosenstein was on with Anderson Cooper last night, and Cooper showed a clip of Rosenstein giving a recent speech in which he expressed his “disappointment.”


Oh snap!

Check it out right here:

He’s absolutely right to call Comey a partisan pundit. That’s what he’s become. And listen, I’ve obviously got no problem with partisan pundits – that’s not the point. But in his effort to restore the reputation of the leadership of the FBI as being non-partisan, and as having integrity, he’s done just the opposite by basically showing everyone his assular area.


Meanwhile, in election news, another Democrat has decided to enter the 2020 field, because obviously we don’t have nearly enough candidates.

I gotta wonder about the level of arrogance you have to have to look at an already over-crowded field of Democrat contenders, and think to yourself, “Self – you know what’s missing from that pool of people?  ME.”

But whatever, Steve.  Good luck with all of that.

Also happening this morning?  Anthony Weiner’s free, y’all.  Hide yo kids and hide yo wife.

The most interesting part about his newfound freedom?  What he said he plans to do from here:

“I hope to be able to live a life of integrity and service. I’m glad this chapter of my life is behind me.”

Dude’s gonna run for office again, y’all.  Mark my words.  

Also, we’re in a trade war with China.  But you probably already knew that when you checked your stocks this morning.