President Trump has a BRUTAL New Nickname For Pete Buttigieg

Ashley (Kimber)

As you all know, President Trump is well known for giving his political opponents nicknames that stick.

Crooked Hillary.

Lil Adam Schiff
Cryin’ Chuck Schumer.

You’ve heard them all, and you can’t get them out of your head.

Well, Pete Buttigieg is apparently a “big enough deal” to get his own nickname. And before you feel bad for him – because yes, this one’s BRUTAL- remember his constant, misleading attacks on Vice President Pence’s Faith.

Yup. He deserves it.

Are you ready for this?

According to Fox News:

President Trump mocked Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Friday afternoon, comparing the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind., to the longtime mascot for Mad magazine.

Oh, dear Lord. I see it.

Oh boy… this one’s gonna stick. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

I will never, ever unsee this.

“Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States,” the president said, referring to the decades-old Mad character in an interview with Politico.

“We have a young man, Buttigieg. Boot-edge-edge,” Trump told Politico sarcastically. “He’ll be great representing us against President Xi of China. That’ll be great. I want to be in that room, I wanna watch that one.”


He came in pretty hard for him, didn’t he?