In a Single Sentence, Pelosi Admits She’s Horrible at Her Job, and Undermines Her Entire Argument Against Trump

Ashley (Kimber)

As we’ve mentioned repeatedly, Representative Ilhan Omar made some comments about the 9/11 attacks that left nearly 3,000 innocent people dead that have truly outraged the nation.

“Some people did something” is how she described one of the most tragic moments in American history.

President Trump responded with this video Tweet:

Apparently, Pelosi had a huge problem with this:

According to Daily Caller: 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went after President Donald Trump Saturday morning for his Twitter response to Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s 9/11 remarks but did not mention Omar or her comments specifically.

“The memory of 9/11 is sacred ground, and any discussion of it must be done with reverence. The President shouldn’t use the painful images of 9/11 for a political attack,” Pelosi said in a statement.

She’s got to be kidding. Maybe she should have that same little chat with Ilhan.  “The memory of 9/11 is sacred ground,” after all. Maybe Ilhan should hear that.

Then it gets even more ridiculous:

Pelosi added, “As we visit our troops in Stuttgart to thank them and be briefed by them, we honor our first responsibility as leaders to protect and defend the American people. It is wrong for the President, as Commander-in-Chief, to fan the flames to make anyone less safe.”

Nancy Freaking Pelosi is reminding us that leaders have to protect and defend the AMERICAN people.

Let’s remind Nancy and the rest of the Democrats about this little comment next time they put illegal immigrants above Americans, shall we?

As I also mentioned then, Pelosi had yet to say anything at all condemning or even questioning Ilhan Omar’s comments.

We now realize that’s because she DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT SHE SAID.

Are you kidding me, Nancy? You went on this tirade against Trump without even knowing what it was he was speaking out against?

How exactly does she get off throwing a fit about Trump’s video, when she didn’t even know what it was about?

This is absolutely pathetic. Even for her.