MSNBC Host Suggests Wringing Sarah Sanders’ Neck (Video)

Hannah Bleau

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Rep. Ilhan Omar is very busy playing the victim. She says she’s received an “increase in direct threats” on her life since President Trump responded to her disgusting characterization of 9/11. If you recall, she said, “some people did something.” This was Trump’s response:

If she’s truly receiving death threats, we OBVIOUSLY condemn that. However, it’s insane for her to blame Trump. That video isn’t doctored. It compares her careless description to what REALLY happened.

It’s just nuts, because Democrats are coming out and accusing the right of constantly inciting violence against them.

1.) Calling out your stupid ideas ≠ inciting violence
2.) Calling out your careless descriptions of horrific events ≠ inciting violence

If anything, Democrats have a history of inciting violence. Remember that one time MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace mentioned wringing Sarah Sanders’ neck?

And remember when she joked about Jeb! punching Trump in the face?

And remember when Madonna talked about blowing up the White House?

And remember when Hillary told everyone not to be civil?

And remember when Cory Booker told people to get in opponents’ faces?

And remember when Maxine bragged about threatening Trump supporters?

And who could forget this?

The list goes on and on and on.

So no. I don’t feel sorry for these people.