New Jersey Teen Gave Birth In Her Bathroom And Murdered The Baby Immediately After

Hannah Bleau

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According to this, a New Jersey woman has been arrested for murdering her baby post-birth.

Jada McClain, 18, gave birth to a baby boy in her bathroom. She reportedly cleaned the baby up in the shower, placed him on her bed and applied pressure to his chest until she killed him. She followed up by calling her boyfriend and devising a plan to dispose of the baby’s corpse.

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Via Daily Wire:

McClain reportedly called the infant’s alleged father, 19-year-old Quaimere Mohammed, told him that she had given birth to the child she named “Legend,” then wrapped the deceased infant in a blanket, which she then placed in a bag, and deposited in the back seat of her vehicle.

McClain allegedly picked up Mohammed in her vehicle and drove to the beach as well as Mohammed’s place of residence, spending approximately an hour at each location. She then drove to an Asbury Park apartment building where Mohammed exited the car and disposed of the deceased infant in a dumpster, according to the document.

The affidavit explains that on April 4, a friend of McClain alerted authorities of the infant’s birth and suspected murder after McClain sent her photos of the infant lying on the bed.

The friend said McClain took a pregnancy test in November. She tried to end the pregnancy by smoking and doing drugs, to no avail. According to the report, she didn’t get an abortion because she didn’t want her mother to find out about her pregnancy.

McClain also allegedly stated that days before delivering the infant, she and Mohammed had run through potential scenarios, including post-birth termination.

The Asbury Park Police Department checked the footage from the apartment building where the infant’s remains were allegedly dumped and confirmed that McClain’s Volkswagen Jetta pulled up at around 9:30 a.m. on the 29th, and that Mohammed can be seen exiting the car and disposing of a bag, states the document.

Text messages between McClain and Mohammed were revealed during a recent hearing. In them, McClain appears to express a sense of guilt.

“I was the one who took his last breath. I had to do it alone, and that’s what hurts me the most,” wrote McClain. Mohammed replied that it “eats me alive 24/7.” McClain also wrote that she “didn’t even get to kiss him when he was alive.”

She’s sad that she had to kill him ALONE. That’s what hurts her the most. Are you kidding me?

Nelson argued that his client and McClain “labored and cried hysterically” while at the beach, and couldn’t afford an abortion. He attempted to paint a picture of a frightened young couple who made terrible decisions under duress.

Nope. Don’t buy it. This was a calculated decision. They thought about it long and hard. There’s no excuse.

I’d also like to point out that there’s virtually no difference between this and late-term abortion– you know, terminating a pregnancy even right before birth. Democrats are OK with that. But this? This crosses the line, because…um…I don’t know why. There’s really no difference.

h/t Daily Wire


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