Pete Buttigieg Is Convinced Trump Will ‘Go There’ And Talk About His Sexuality

Hannah Bleau

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Democrats love playing the victim, and I knew that was Pete Buttigieg’s angle from the very beginning. I knew he’d try to use his sexuality to make his opponents look like intolerant jerks.

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He’s already slammed Christians who support President Trump. He’s tried to knock the Pence family, and he even went after Chick-fil-A for good measure.

Now? Now he’s letting everyone know that President Trump is most definitely going to make fun of him for being gay. I mean. that’s basically what he insinuated.

Via TMZ:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg isn’t fooling himself … Donald Trump will target him with homophobic remarks as the 2020 Presidential campaign heats up.

The openly gay South Bend Mayor, who has soared in popularity, will appear on “TMZ Live” Monday … the day after he formally announces his bid to make a move to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Buttigieg has a plan if Trump goes low … confront and disengage.

It’s a little preemptive, don’t you think? He’s assuming Trump’s going to say something super “homophobic.” I just don’t see that happening. I see Trump hitting him in other ways, but I honestly don’t think Trump gives a rat’s about Pete’s sexuality.

He’ll knock him other ways, but of course, Pete will likely say that Trump is going after him because he’s gay.

You just wait.

h/t TMZ


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