Hillary Finally Speaks Out Following the Mueller Report — Tries to Deflect to Climate Change

Hannah Bleau

This just in: Hillary Clinton actually lost the presidential election. Her loss had nothing to do with Russia, collusion or voter fraud and everything to do with being a terrible candidate who insulted half of the country repeatedly.

I know, I know. It took nearly two years and millions of dollars to arrive to that conclusion. I could’ve told them that for $5.

We’ve seen a lot of reactions, but I’ve been dying to hear from Hillary Clinton. Surely, she has something to say about this entire report. This is huge. What say you, Hillary?

Hold on. Let me fix that for you.

She’s straight up trying to “SQUIRREL” us, isn’t she?

I can’t be the only one who finds it completely wack that she’s tweeting about climate change instead of the Mueller report, right? Isn’t this what she’s been waiting for?

The truth is, she already knew nothing would come of Mueller’s report. It was all a game designed to taint Trump’s presidency and distract everyone for as long as possible. It was *the* insurance policy.