Jim Acosta Suffers Full Blown Meltdown on Air After Trump Doesn’t Call on Him at Presser

Hannah Bleau

President Trump took a few questions in the Rose Garden Tuesday after a joint-press conference with Brazil’s President Jair Bolsaonaro. Want to know who Trump picked on? Not Jim Acosta. After the press conference, Acosta appeared on CNN and went on a complaining spree. He was extremely triggered that Trump called on a Daily Caller reporter.

“You know, it was the question was asked in a way that really teed it up like a game of tee ball here in the Rose Garden,” Acosta whined after the fact. “The President was just sort of served up a softball there when he was asked, you know, whether or not the Democrats are advancing a lot of socialist ideas.”

Except…that’s not really what happened.

Acosta accused Enjeti of lobbing an easy question about socialism to Trump, but the Daily Caller reporter didn’t ask Trump the question about socialism. After Enjeti asked Trump a pair of questions about the Supreme Court and social media, he directed his third question to Bolsaonaro.

“President Bolsaonaro, in another question on the 2020 election, a number of Democrats who are running to replace the president have embraced or considered socialist ideas. You’ve spoken critically of that in the past,” Enjeti said. “If a socialist, or a candidate who embraces socialism were to replace the president, how would it affect your relations with the United States?”

I love love LOVE the Daily Caller reporter’s slap back:

Instead of taking the time to lecture and berate the president, he…asked a question. It’s a novel concept, I know. It’s totally foreign to Little Jim.

He continued to whine about how Trump refers to them as #FakeNews, but then he directed his whining energy toward conservative media as a whole.

“He likes to talk about how there’s this media collusion game that is stacked against him when he has one of the most powerful social media voices throughout and so I think that just has to be said as well, it has to be put on the record that he is sort of, you know, pulling a three card monty in terms of, you know, how he’s describing the situation. Conservatives aren’t being discriminated and abused on social media,” Acosta said. “They have just as much of a landscape that they dominate as the left does and — and one could argue that they have a much bigger footprint when it comes to social media and the media landscape by and large, Brooke.”

Wait wait wait. Conservatives aren’t being discriminated and abused on social media?

I just can’t with that wimp.

h/t NewsBusters