Chelsea Clinton Alters Course, Uses Ilhan Omar Drama To Bash Trump

Hannah Bleau

Chelsea Clinton surprised a lot of people yesterday after condemning anti-Israel schmuck Ilhan Omar for her near constant use of anti-Semitic language. 

That lasted approximately 4 seconds.

Omar issued a totally weaksauce apology. It was a non-apology apology of the highest order.

Cue Chelsea Clinton again. She’s mad, because Trump is weighing in.

That non-apology apology DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP? What kind of planet are you living on? Also, why are liberals so quick to forgive anti-Semitic a$$wipes? Have you noticed that? Don’t even get me started on the rest of her retort. She’s accusing TRUMP of amping up anti-Semitic hate (and all the other lies, as usual. Racism, xenophobia, the usual)?!?!