GOP Senator Announces EXCITING New Caucus

Ashley (Kimber)

This is AWESOME.

On the tail of this year’s March for Live, and President Trump’s promise to veto any bill that promotes abortion, Republican Sen. Steve Daines has announced the creation of a new Pro-Life Caucus in the Senate.

According to BPR:

The Montana Republican is bringing to the Senate what the House of Representatives has had since 1981, making his announcement at the March for Life rally last week.

“I’m very proud to announce that I have founded the first-ever pro-life caucus in the United States Senate,” he told the crowd. “This pro-life caucus and our new expanded pro-life majority – thank God in November we sent more pro-life senators to the United States Senate, and that’s thanks to you. That will allow us to accelerate the momentum of the last two years protecting and defending life.”

“We’re finally going have in the Senate what the House has had for many years so that the House and the Senate can work together on having a more strategic approach in how we’re going to move pro-life policies to the president’s desk,” Daines told National Review.

“I saw that we did not have one and I saw we needed it,” he added. “This will allow us to bring the pro-life groups that work off the Hill, as well as pro-life senators and other staff on the Hill, to unify us so we’re all pulling in the same direction to advance the pro-life cause.”

The Montana lawmaker told rally-goers last week that he was “grateful to have a pro-life president,” and told Townhall he considers President Trump to be “the most pro-life president that we have seen in the history of our country,” pointing to “both the administrative actions he’s taken as president within the White House but also moving through thirty, thirty circuit court judges, conservative judges, the most circuit court judges moved through Congress in the first two years of the presidency, in the history of the presidency and of course two new Supreme Court justices.”

I think this is FANTASTIC.

And I’m really, REALLY curious to see who joins it.

I think it might say A LOT about those who do and those who don’t…

Though he is not sure yet who the caucus members will be, Daines is confident that pro-life senators will be committed to making inroads in the new Congress.

“We’re going to keep fighting, be on the offense with judges as well as with policies, we recognize we’re going to need sixty votes in this current Senate, the current Senate rules to move these policies forward but we now have more pro-life senators now than we had in the last Congress,” he told Townhall.

We’ll bring you more info on this as it develops… but I think it’s fantastic news!