Libs Mock Trump’s Deal-Making Abilities, Conveniently Forget A CRUCIAL Part Of ‘The Art Of The Deal’

Hannah Bleau

President Trump walked out of his meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi after Pelosi straight up told Trump they will not consider a wall, now or ever.

He stood up and walked out on those chumps. They shouldn’t act so surprised. After all, Trump’s simply following his own advice– the same advice he wrote in a book YEARS ago.

LITERALLY. It’s hilarious, because liberals are trying to mock Trump for walking away. They’re all, “BAHAHA this is the guy who wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’??! LOLOLOLLLLLZZZZZ.”

Hey morons. Walking away is all part of it! Make the other side believe you’re willing to execute one of your backup plans if they fail to cave. In this case, it would be Trump declaring a national emergency.

Chuck and Nancy are playing right into his hands.

The people who are mocking him look so stupid. It’s obvious they’ve never even bothered to read the highlights of his book.