Judge To Ashley Judd: Try Harder.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Just kidding.  Sort of.

According to this, an LA judge has dismissed Ashley Judd’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein again. This has already happened once before, as you may recall.

The good news, if that’s a thing in this situation, is that the judge told Ashley she can still sue him for defamation and career damage, but she needs to stop with the sexual harassment thing already, because sexual harassment laws covering professional relationships didn’t apply to the moves Harvey made on her back in 1997.

In other words, she’s gonna have to try harder to create a working case against him.

If you ask me, she’s still got a tough case to prove on the defamation part too, because the accusation is that Weinstein told other directors/producers that she was a “nightmare to work with.”

Um…is that really that big of a stretch? Look at her behavior as a human in general, and I think a pretty good case could be made that she’s a nightmare. Defamation only works if the accusation isn’t true. Just saying.

Anyway, her sexual harassment case against Harvey is dunzo. Thought you should know.