11-Year-Old Changes His “Presidential” Last Name Because Of MERCILESS Bullying

Ashley (Kimber)

This is just ridiculous.

Joshua Trump, an 11-year-old boy from Wilmington, Delaware, is getting a LOT of attention after news broke of his intended name change.

“They curse at him, they call him an idiot, they call him stupid,” she told WPVI.

Megan, who isn’t related to the president, said that her son has been getting bullied ever since Donald Trump first began campaigning.

“I pulled him out of school and home-schooled him for a year,” said Bobby Berto, Joshua’s father.

WHY are young kids acting this way? BECAUSE OF THEIR HATEFUL PARENTS. Because of what they’re hearing at home. Because they’ve been told he last name “Trump” is something to be ashamed of.

The level of HATE in this country makes me absolutely nauseous.

Even the comments on the original story are gross:

You know… because Trump is basically Hitler.

This guy is “encouraged” by this, folks.

It’s sad someone can get this old and still stay this stupid.

Is anyone surprised this kid is getting bullied? I’m certainly not.