Principal BANS Candy Canes Because Of What She Thinks Their ‘J Shape’ Stands For

Ashley (Kimber)

A principal has been placed on leave after proving to be an ABSOLUTE LUNATIC.

Sure – we hear about liberal Grinches who try to erase Christmas from our schools – and our LIVES pretty regularly.

But this? THIS takes the (fruit) cake.

Manchester Elementary School principal Jennifer Sinclair banned CANDY CANES after proclaiming their “J shape” STANDS FOR “JESUS.”

Um… Jen? Their shape is that OF A CANE. DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A CANE IS?!

Tucker Carlson broke it down:


According to Fox News, Jennifer sent out a memo about forbidden Christmas items:

Teachers were reportedly told that generic winter-themed items, such as sledding and scarves, and the “Frozen” character Olaf, were acceptable.

Decorations that included Santa, Christmas trees, reindeer, green and red colored items and even candy canes, however, were not acceptable for the elementary school.

The candy canes, according to KETV, were prohibited because Sinclair deemed them to have religious significance. “Historically, the shape is a ‘J’ for Jesus. The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection,” she reportedly wrote. “This would also include different colored candy canes.”

“I feel uncomfortable that I have to get this specific, but for everyone’s comfort, I will,” Sinclair reportedly wrote in the memo.

She felt “UNCOMFORTABLE,” you guys! She’s very triggered by explaining candy canes.

I found ONE website that claims this. All others claim it’s hogwash.

The Elkhorn School District told Fox News in a statement that “the memo does not reflect the policy of Elkhorn Public Schools regarding holiday symbols in the school.”

The district’s policy states that “Christmas trees, Santa Claus and Easter eggs and bunnies are considered to be secular, seasonal symbols and may be displayed as teaching aids provided they do not disrupt the instructional program for students.”

Sinclair was placed on administrative leave as of Thursday morning.

And should probably never be around kids AGAIN.


QUESTION: is it cool if the school just posts up a bunch of pictures of HER as decoration? After all, MASSIVE SNOWFLAKES are secular winter decor.