Homeless Man Bawls As Scumbag “Activists” Steal His Puppy

Ashley (Kimber)

This is hard to watch:


Listen, there are mixed thoughts on homeless people having pets. Many many argue that those who do not have the funds to adequately care for a dog should not have one.

Here’s what I think: whether or not you think the homeless should have dogs, this is disgusting. This man is SOBBING. He obviously loves his dog. He clearly has little else. So in thinking they were doing a “good deed” the “activists” were robbing this man of everything he has.

It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

I love animals. All animals. I refuse to kill spiders. I put snakes I find in my yard in little boxes and drive them out to BLM land. (Bureau of Land Management. Basically public land. Sorry – I spend so much time hiking/shooting/camping on it I forgot some people don’t know what that is.) But despite all of this – I will ALWAYS feel empathy and love for my fellow man FIRST.


The puppy was reunited with his owner on Friday after Antony Blanchard, president of the France-based animal welfare group Cause Animale Nord, admitted to the organization’s wrongdoing in the theft of the homeless man’s puppy.


They do not have “different” rights than those with homes do.

A petition to return the dog to his owner received over 80,000 signatures within a few hours of the video being posted to Facebook. Today, the numbers have risen to more than 240,000.

Although the petition may have had something to do with Blanchard’s decision to return the puppy, there were other factors at play. The group was facing possible legal repercussions for its actions, and Blanchard himself was summoned for police questioning.

I hope he DOES have repercussions. Again – you don’t just get to steal a homeless man’s dog because he’s homeless.

After a brief stay with a foster family in the nearby French municipality of Wattignies, the puppy and his owner are now back together.

They may still not have a home or very much else to call their own. But at least the two once again have each other.


Now if the “activists” ACTUALLY cared, they’d help the man get his puppy fixed, and donate nutritious food to help him keep his best friend healthy.

But that would require them to be thinking, compassionate people. They’re clearly not.