Kevin Hart Has Fallen To The PC Police And The World Is Insane

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I was pretty stoked to hear earlier this week that Kevin Hart was going to host the Oscars, because I appreciated his recent response to the ridiculous backlash he got after having a cowboys-and-indians themed birthday party for his kid. He simply wasn’t having the bullsh*t, refused to apologize, and in this current day of perpetual outrage by pansy-assed liberals who want to be offended by LITERALLY EVERYTHING, I found it refreshing.

And I thought he’d bring that kind of refreshing “I-don’t-care-if-you’re-offended-I-am-a-freaking-comedian” attitude to the Oscars.

And then the PC Police attacked again.

According to this, Hart is bowing out of the Oscar hosting gig, because people are mad at him for ancient tweets he posted making fun of gays.

You know, back in the day when it was OK for comedians to TELL JOKES.

He tweeted this:

And this:

The “homophobic” tweets are from 2011. One of them said, “Yo if my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay.’”

Another tweet from 2010 referred to someone’s profile picture which Hart said looked “like a gay bill board for AIDS.” He called someone else a “fat faced fag.”

And for that, he’s out.

You guys, this is insanity. HE IS A FREAKING COMEDIAN. Between this, and Apple’s CEO making comments about liking the way China runs its internet, and radio stations banning Baby It’s Cold Outside, and Veggie Tales being racist because the VEGETABLES OF COLOR are portrayed negatively (I wish I were making that up), Little Mermaid songs being too rapey, Ben Shapiro being prevented from speaking on college campuses, and a recent poll suggesting a fifth of college students believe violence is justified if a speaker says “offensive and hurtful things,” I am starting not to recognize my own damn country anymore.

Do these perpetually outraged monster idiots not realize the damage they are causing to the very idea of Freedom of Speech? And do they not recognize their unbelievable hypocrisy? Or are they too busy being outraged by Baby It’s Cold Outside while they sing along to Jay-Z’s lyrics about b*tches and n-words, and cop-killing?

I fought with some complete moron on Twitter yesterday who disagreed with me about the Baby It’s Cold Outside hullabaloo. She kept arguing that the song was “creepy” and “went against her morals” and that “there are way better songs” – not even for a SECOND recognizing that while all of those things may be perfectly true in her view, NONE of them justify the kind of censorship we’re now seeing. This was ostensibly a conservative, you guys. She was all, “Well, as long as they don’t come after the hymns I sing in my church, I don’t really care.”


It’s that kind of apathy that worries me the most. We cannot continue to sit idly by while the Left continues to trample all over the First Amendment.

These incidents, on their own, may seem insignificant to idiots like the chick I fought with on Twitter. But as they occur with more frequency, they endanger our freedom, and we cannot stand for it.


We’re gonna keep pointing out the crazy, and we’ll rely on you to share it and spread it in your circles.