Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Rips PETA’s Request Apart

Hannah Bleau

The other day, I told you guys about the latest request from animal activists. Some of them want us to stop saying phrases like, “bringing home the bacon,” because it’s offensive to vegans. As I detailed before:

Other “offensive” phrases include “killing two birds with one stone,” “take a bull by the horns,” “open a can of worms,” “let the cat out of the bag” and “flogging a dead horse.” But don’t worry! There are viable alternatives. We just need to shake things up. For example, instead of saying, “killing two birds with one stone,” we could simply say, “feeding two birds with one scone.” See? SAME THING.

“Bringing home the bacon?” No no! How about, “bringing home the bagels”?

Those are actual suggestions, FYI. I didn’t make them up.

PETA has an entire blog post on this, and it’s full of additional tips.

What a waste of time. Don’t we have bigger fish to fry? That’s all I’m saying. 😉

I continue to stand by that.

But wait. There’s more. PETA provided us with this “handy” guide on Twitter.

I still can’t get over “bring home the bagels.” How is that a viable alternative? Bacon and bagels are not on the same level. Bacon is far superior. If you ask someone for bacon, and they bring you a plain bagel instead, how are you going to feel about that?

BETRAYED. That’s how.

Just to add to the ridiculousness of all of this, PETA is putting these phrases on the same level as homophobic and racist language.

Cue Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.



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