BBC Feminists RIPPED Apart For Telling Women To Pick Up A Symbol Of Oppression And Throw It Into The Trash

Hannah Bleau

When feminists aren’t actively acting offended by everything in existence, they’re thinking of new things to be offended by. Case in point.

BBC has an article out titled, “Choose an item to throw in the 100 Women Freedom Trash Can.”

At a famous protest in the US back in 1968, feminists placed items in a bin that they felt oppressed them.

Fifty years on, we’re doing the same again and asking women around the world about the objects they feel stop them from living their lives the way they want.

Some of the things BBC suggests are tripping me out.

Bras? Why? They’re quite literally support us! Make-up? Why? What did lipstick ever do to you? I’m GRATEFUL for make-up. Engagement rings? What kind of weirdo is oppressed by gorgeous hand jewelry? High heels? I’m not a huge fan myself, but sometimes the occasion calls for them. They don’t oppress us. They make us look even more fabulous.

I’m in. Let’s do it.