Kathy Griffin And Rosie O’Donnell Put Their TDS On Full Display At ‘The Cher Show’

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned a while back, Kathy Griffin managed to take her TDS to an insufferably tacky new level by making and selling these Christmas ornaments:

Absolutely ridiculous. Her hatred really knows no bounds, does it?

Let’s all get this straight: Putting something like this on your CHRISTMAS tree says SO MUCH MORE about you than it does about a politician you disagree with.

Well, it appears that the two most extreme TDS cases got together to celebrate…

These two can’t possibly be a good combination.

What even is this?

They apparently decided the best way to stick it to Trump was to film Rosie helping Kathy with her groin straps. I don’t think anyone wants to see this. Seriously… is there an audience for this?

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is TDS in the flesh