Eric Trump Goes After George Conway On Twitter, And Things Get Awkward

Hannah Bleau

I’m still ridiculously intrigued by Kellyanne Conway’s relationship with her husband, George. After all, he’s constantly slamming her boss.

I mean, “President”?

He just makes things awkward for her. Don’t even get me started on the formation of George’s anti-Trump group.

I just don’t understand how that relationship works. You can have political differences, sure. But to directly combat your wife’s work? (And isn’t that essentially what he’s doing?) It just seems…messed up.

It looks like Eric Trump has had enough, which is weird because it’s usually Don Jr. who calls people out on Twitter.

Whoa! Those are strong words. I’m dying to know what Kellyanne thinks. Does she agree? Do you think she’s mad at Eric for calling out her husband? Is she really THAT good at keeping her career and home life separate?

George Conway is responding in retweet-form.


I’m dying to know what’s going through Kellyanne’s head right now.