Tucker Gets Pushed To The Limit

Ashley (Kimber)

Tucker Carlson has A LOT of liberal guests on his show, and he seldom loses his cool.

In fact, he usually lets their nonsense roll right off, correcting them in the process.

Not so much with this dude. Liberal commentator Chris Hahn was on Friday’s show to talk about Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown’s comments that conservative Christians are HYPOCRITES for opposing the migrant caravan.

According to this:

Why are they hypocrites? Because like a majority of Americans, they believe the caravan of illegal immigrants and gang members headed to the U.S. southern border should be turned away.

But according to Sherrod, because the Christian savior Jesus Christ believed in feeding and clothing those in need, Christian conservatives must provide the same service to the caravan.

Speaking with Carlson about the senator’s recent remarks, Hahn concurred.

“Well, Matthew 25 applies here, don’t you think?” he said, citing the Bible quote Sherrod had used to defend his stance. “That’s what he was quoting.”

“We have people who are fleeing for their lives, who are in desperate need, who want to come to this country and seek asylum legally, and we are sending troops to Texas.”

Interesting how libs FREAK if you DARE bring up Christianity in political arguments…unless they can use it against you.

I thought you wanted God out of it, libs?

Carlson disagreed with this notion that political policy should be based on religious beliefs.

“Is that the new standard? Do you think it’s a fair standard? This is not something I have introduced into this. Is that a fair form of political discourse? Is this a theocracy, to assess what Jesus would do first?” he asked Hahn, the point being that the U.S. is supposed to be a secular nation.

But HYPOOOOCRISY, cries this dweeb. He doesn’t ONCE stop to consider what a hypocrite HE is being in this moment. Then he drags Pence into it, because whyyyyy not?

“I’m trying not to end this interview right now because I’m getting offended.”

DANG, Tucker.

“I wonder if you understand the extent you’re playing with fire. Do you think that’s a wise thing to do? Do you think if Mike Pence got up and said, ‘I’m for building a wall and I’m quoting this scripture to justify it,’ I know for a fact that I would say, ‘Whoa, settle down. It’s a public policy question. It’s a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country.’ But you’re saying that’s okay.”

OF COURSE. Because in THIS case, it benefits him.

Tucker is making the mistake of assuming the Left will actually set and hold themselves to standards. they won’t.

“I’m just pointing out that many on the right have taken Christ up as their banner of how they want to govern,” Hahn said, with absolutely nothing to back him up. What does this even MEAN to you, Hahn?

They hate our religion and then turn around use it as a tool against us. It’s just so old.