Bernie Sanders Blasts Walmart Over Minimum Wage, Just One Problem

Hannah Bleau

Bernie Sanders is a huge advocate for a federally mandated $15 minimum wage. There are numerous reasons that’s a horrific idea, including but not limited to higher consumer prices, reduced employee hours and ultimately, layoffs.

If a business wants to offer its employees more, then it should. However, it shouldn’t be forced to by the US government. That’s my stance. More government involvement, more problems.

Bernie doesn’t share that idea. He looooooves him a steaming mug of big government in the morning!

Here’s the thing…Walmart doesn’t have a handful of employees. It employees 1.4 million in the United States alone. Do the math. If the CEO’s salary was evenly distributed among the 1.4 million US employees, it would amount to…less than a $16 bonus. We’re talking about three Starbucks coffees MAX.

How so? That makes no sense. If you raise the wage, profits will suddenly go up? Since when? It’s more expensive for the company. If everything else stayed the same, profits would go down.

That’s not how this works. You can’t assume that employees will automatically spend their raises at Walmart. That’s incredibly stupid.

Half a penny, Bernie. HALF A PENNY.

Math iz hard when you’re a socialist.