This Hipster Parody Video Is SCARILY Accurate

Ashley (Kimber)


I’ve rolled with the hipster crowd.

Y’all shouldn’t be shocked by this. I’ve been very open about being a mega-lib back in my youth… and the signs of past hipsterdom remain. I have a number of botanical tattoos, a large vinyl collection, I ALWAYS prefer espresso to brewed coffee, I own about 15 pairs of glasses (all which I need, b7 the way. I’m bat-blind) and my cats’ names are Clementine and Napoleon.

Let’s face it… I’m basically a conservative hipster. Which is actually SO much more original than REGULAR liberal hipsters. So EAT IT Portland hipsters, I’ve out-counter-cultured you HARD. (Hence my twitter handle, @RedIsTheNewPunk)

ANYWAY. I’ve outgrown my “it’s-hip-to-be-obnoxious” phase. But many haven’t. Many never do… which is why this video had me ROLLING.

It’s really not even an exaggeration. I’ve seen most of this in real life:

Yup. Nothing about this is all that far off.

Other than MAAAYBE the suckling of the beans. Maybe.