Former IndyCar Racer Reveals Some Super Juicy Ashley Judd Scoop And Confirms What We Always Say About Her.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Those of you who’ve followed us for any significant period of time know that I loathe Ashley Judd with the fury of a billion suns. There are many many many reasons for this, not the least of which is her complete batsh*ttery when it comes to her liberal feminism. But besides that, my loathing has stemmed from my own encounters with her (the most significant of which I wrote about before right here), and the stories I’ve heard from my husband and his former crewmates from back in his racing days (he worked for the same team Ashley Judd’s ex-husband drove for back in the early 2000s).

And now, thanks to her ex-husband Dario Franchitti’s former teammate, Paul Tracy, we now know exactly why Ashley Judd started wearing shirts that say “This is what a feminist looks like.” Like this one. And this one. And we also know that she found it difficult to stay out of her husband’s battles.

Check out this interview with Paul Tracy (rightful winner of the 2002 Indy 500 – but don’t even get me started on that), in which he describes two separate incidents with Ashley Judd that will further demonstrate why I loathe her with the fury of a billion suns. Start at the 47.20 mark, and listen through to the 54.20 mark.

“She was nuts.” What have I been telling y’all? 🙂

I was actually AT that Denver race he refers to, and while I remembered hearing the story about how angry she was after the race, I didn’t know about the letter, and I DEFINITELY didn’t know about the freakout she had at a later race over the grid girls. But based on everything I know about her, none of it surprises me in the least. It’s typical Ashley Judd in every way. I HAVE ENDLESS EXAMPLES.

Anyway, Mr. Mock came across that glorious piece of audio above, and there was no way I wasn’t gonna share it with you.