RACISM At Work: Libs React To Kanye’s Meeting At The Oval Office

Ashley (Kimber)

Kanye West has been set to meet with Trump at the White House for a while now…

And last night, CNN called him the “token negro.”

THIS is racism at work, folks.

If you pretend to condemn racism, but have no problem with a black man being called a “token negro” by a panel of powerful media voices for DARING to toe the line… you’re a hypocrite. YOU are the racist.

As I mentioned, Kanye’s meeting went well… and he explained the POWER behind the MAGA hat.

It does give him power. There’s a POWER in proclaiming you don’t give a F**K what the “in-crowd” thinks. There’s POWER in breaking down the norms society has boxed you into. There’s POWER in breaking free from the CHAINS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PLANTATION.

Whether the libs want to admit it or not. In fact, they don’t WANT to admit it, precisely because they REALIZE the power in it.

But the liberals just can’t handle it. Black men aren’t ALLOWED to walk out of line. They are not ALLOWED to think for themselves.

…or maybe Trump just respects him? Have you thought about that? Or is a white man having legitimate respect for a black man just too baffling for you?

THIS is the reality of liberal racism.

THIS is why, as a Hispanic American myself, I walked away.

PS here’s a little sprinkle of homophobia just for kicks: