Kanye Meets With Trump – DRAGON ENERGY Abounds.

Ashley (Kimber)

Kanye met with President Trump at the White House today, and the DRAGON ENERGY was OVERFLOWING.

It’s MAD LOVE in there:

And I actually REALLY like this:

It does give him power. I get what he’s saying.

There’s a certain POWER to proclaiming you don’t give a F**K what the “in-crowd” thinks. There’s POWER in breaking down the norms society has boxed you into.

There’s POWER in breaking free from the CHAINS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PLANTATION.

A black rapper in a MAGA hat?

That’s powerful. Whether the libs want to admit it or not. In fact, they don’t WANT to admit it, precisely because they REALIZE the power in it.

Referring to his “Make America Great Again” hat, Mr. West said, “They tried to scare me to not wear this hat.” He was referring to a recent appearance on “Saturday Night Live” in which cast members tried to talk him out of wearing the hat on TV.

But anyone who thinks you can BULLY Kanye out of something… doesn’t know Kanye.


According to the Washington Times:

Wearing a red “MAGA” hat, rapper Kanye West met with President Trump on prison reform and other issues Thursday, joking that the president probably never expected to have “a crazy motherf–—” like him as a political ally.

“Trump is on his hero’s journey right now,” Mr. West told reporters during a meeting at the White House. “You are tasting a fine wine.”

This is freaking amazing, folks.

I’m seriously geeking out.

I KNOW it’s a bit of a circus… but I’ve been VERY upfront about why I think the Trump-Kanye alliance is a net positive.

Mr. West, who has been harshly criticized by many blacks on the left for working with Mr. Trump, visited the White House with former NFL star Jim Brown to discuss economic opportunities and other topics with the president and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

“I’m here to serve,” Mr. Brown told the president.

Awesome. So awesome.

And check out this little bromance moment:

Asked if Mr. West might be a future presidential candidate, Mr. Trump replied, “Could very well be.”

Mr. West added, “Only after 2024.”


You know it’s pretty big of Kanye to give Trump his due time…

Because as they say, no one loves ANYTHING quite as much as Kanye loves Kanye.

What this all boils down to is EXPOSURE.



The left has been winning this game for DECADES.

But we’re not tired of winning yet, and we’re coming for them…