That Story About The Anti-Manspreading Woman Who Supposedly Sprayed Dudes’ Crotches With Bleach? It Was A Hoax.

Hannah Bleau

About a week ago, we wrote about some weirdo Russian feminist woman (Anna Dovgalyuk, 20) who supposedly went around fighting “manspreading” by spraying crotches with bleach. We sourced it from the UK Sun.

A lot of people wrote about it, including The Daily Wire and The Blaze.

It turns out it was some sort of hoax, pumped out by the Kremlin.

The website EU vs Disinfo reported on Monday that the video features paid actors. The report originated with the Russian language online magazine Bumaga, which interviewed one of the men seen in the video.


The website investigated why Russia Today, the Kremlin’s English-language propaganda website, was pushing the video to international audiences.

“The key to a possible answer is found in the reactions the video has been able to spur,” EU vs Disinfo explained. “In the comments section on Facebook, users express outrage against the alleged feminist activist, often in strongly misogynic language, with this comment as the most popular, gathering by now more than 14,000 likes:”

“In other words, the video stages extreme feminist activism and manages to provoke extreme anti-feminist reactions,” EU vs Disinfo noted.

The thing is, it wasn’t even a stretch to believe. Feminists dress up as VAGINAS. For crying out loud. If this really is a Kremlin created propaganda piece, YES. We totally fell for it, because feminists are so freaking batsh*t that there’s NO WAY we’d ever doubt they’d be THAT batsh*t.

As you were.

h/t Raw Story