The FB Censorship Army Is In Attack Mode, Just In Time For Midterms.

Daisy, Co-Founder

I’m doing the best I can here to be calm and rational and I’m going to keep it as clean as possible.  I mean, I wouldn’t want the FACEBOOK POLICE TO SHUT ME DOWN OR ANYTHING.

You run that risk these days as a conservative.  And especially as a conservative woman.  The Zuck loves to smack us around.  Mansplain us.  Manhandle us.  We’re like the red-headed stepchildren in the social media world, dontchaknow.  We’re the scum of the social media family.  We’re treated like absolute sh*t, us conservatives.

And we rarely get cover from other women, because meee-OW.   Are you kidding me?  Feminism be damned.  Those hairy-armpitted, third-and-fourth-waved chicks are totally in it for themselves.  They’re worse than any liberal man.

Except for Daddy Facebook.  I don’t know what it is with that guy and his hatred for freedom and those who love it.  Back on September 7th, Ashley wrote a post about Beto O’Rourke renting a VA hall for a rally.   And how he wasn’t too pleased with all the American flags around.  Of course, like ALL of our posts, she cited the source for the post, which was from Erick Erickson who pulled it originally from the Navasota Examiner, which is the local (online) paper in Navasota, Texas.  Note that the original source remains intact,  but Facebook sent this little note to Ashley today:


And then we ALL got this notification.

We know what this means.  This means that we’ve been flagged by Facebook as one of those “oooooh, y’all are slinging fake news around” sites because, bottom line – we’re conservative.  Just so you know, that “third-party fact-checker?”  That would be Politifact, which makes me laugh out loud so hard I’m getting a migraine.  If you look at the actual post itself, there are Actual People who use Actual SNOPES as a third-party fact-checker, too.

Please.  For the love of God.  Stop doing that if you don’t want me to point and laugh at you and then send you this accurate depiction of what Snopes is:

And I heard a rumor that the two ex-hippies are divorced now, but perhaps Politifact can get back with me on that so we know how “true” they rate that story.  Because y’all, here’s how reliable Politifact is.  When a Republican says something, it’s “half-true.”  When a Democrat says that same something?  “MOSTLY TRUE.”

Yeah.  That’s Politifact.

Now, Facebook didn’t ask us to take the post down, per se.  They’re just trying to scare us with all the mean “this is being checked by a third-party faaaaact checker and I hope you’re scared now, you conservative losers!” graphic.

Incidentally, there’s also this. Can someone send that to Politifact please?  Because it doesn’t appear to be included in their GIANT WRITE-UP.

But make no mistake – Facebook is after us.  They’ve been after us since 2013, when Todd Starnes had to go after them for going after us.  Remember?  For the newbies here, we Chicks have dealt with his crap before.  Back in 2013, we were almost shut down completely by the Zuckster, because Mock DARED to say something not-so-savory about Jay Carney.  She actually said – and I hope you’re sitting down for this – “Jay Carney can kiss my assular area.” (OMG NOOOOO the HORROR you can’t doooo thaaaat on Christian-based, no-bad-words Facebook!).  Her account got shut down, mine was still up, so I went on a full public relations assault and we got the attention of a few people in the industry, including Todd Starnes and The Blaze.  The little burst of publicity also piqued the interest of a local radio station Promotions Director – aaaaaaaaaaand we’ve been on that station ever since.

So, as Mama-Chicks, we told Ashley to add a little addendum to the post, but leave the Facebook post about it as-is.  Intact.  Don’t change a thing.  And if Facebook wants to squelch us, then squelch away, you commie jerks.  Because listen – Beto O’HitandRun (oh – was that too meeeeeean?  Well, it’s my site and still a free country – SUCK IT) can deny that he said stuff and did stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not true.  Donald Trump has denied saying things, and by merely doing the denying – are Politifact and Snopes and FACEBOOK asking people to take crap down off of their social media about Trump?

HA HA HA HA HA HA NO.  The answer to that is FREAKING NO.  But since we’re conservatives, the rules are always different now, aren’t they Zuck?

In fact, as I write this…Brandon Straka was just banned from Facebook today.

BRANDON FREAKING STRAKA, founder and leader of the #WALKAWAY movement.  He was banned because he did an interview with Alex Jones.  Because he chose to speak with Alex Jones.  Because we apparently live in communist China now.


You know, when it comes to being FB silenced, we were the original Diamond and Silk, if you want to get technical about this.  We were banned by FB before D&S even knew they were conservatives.  And I’d be delighted to come to the Hill to talk about our experience(s) with being suppressed and discriminated against and manhandled by Facebook.

So Zuck, come at us bruh.

Meantime, if you stop seeing us on FB altogether, you’ll know why.  It’s just part of their concerted effort to silence voices like ours.  But this site?  It’s always gonna be here.  Bookmark it.  Favorite it.  Put a reminder on your calendar to check it daily.