Nancy Pelosi Accuses NBC Of Trying To Undermine The Prospects Of Her Being Speaker Again

Hannah Bleau

Nancy Pelosi has a beef with…NBC News?

Yep. It’s true and kind of hilarious. She recently sat down for a one-on-one interview on MSNBC and accused NBC of trying to undermine her prospects of one day being Speaker again.

The dude basically talked about how she’s unpopular and asked a totally legit question: If the Democrats take back the House, why not give up the gavel?

She was NOT happy with that question. POWERRRRRRRRRR! Screw the next generation! That’s why.

See for yourself. She accuses NBC of being biased against her around the 1-minute mark.

Ah yes, ladyparts. THAT’S why people don’t like her. I forgot. Sorry.

Exit question: Why does she always do weird things with her mouth? I’m not mocking it (at this very second). I genuinely want to know.

h/t The Right Scoop