Sarah Sanders Lights Omarosa UP With FORCEFUL Statement

Ashley (Kimber)

As we’ve mentioned, Omarosa Manigault is doing her best to cash in on her brief stint at the White House with a salacious new book.

The woman is even claiming to have “secretly recorded” private conversations with President Trump.

What a SNAKE.

I HATED this chick on her season of ‘The Apprentice’ and was SHOCKED when Trump hired her to work on his administration. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but no… this woman was a HUGE mistake.

She’s so full of it, she’s even claiming Trump used racist slurs against Kellyanne Conway’s Filipino husband – something he STRONGLY denies, despite being NO fan of his wife’s employer.

Well… Sarah Sanders has released a statement on the whole thing… and she’s NOT holding back:


So why are you changing your tune now, Omarosa?

MONEY. It’s aaaaalways about the MONEY.

Here’s the thing… anyone who knows ANYTHING about this woman shouldn’t be surprised. Again… I know it’s a reality show, but Omarosa willingly presented herself as a back-stabbing opportunist throughout her time on Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

Did he not watch his own show? Did he not know what kind of person she is?

I watched that show… and this is ENTIRELY what I would have expected from her.