Cynthia Nixon Just Came Up With ANOTHER “Brilliant” Idea

Ashley (Kimber)

Just kidding. It’s a terrible idea.

We’re talking really, REALLY bad:


Here’s the thing.

When you’re RENTING…you’re living in SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY.

That person should be able to charge WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT for YOU to live in THEIR house. It’s that simple. If you don’t want to pay them what they want for THEIR property… then you don’t get to live there.

Can’t afford to live there? TOUGH COOKIE.

I can’t afford things I want, too. THAT’S LIFE. LIFE’S TOUGH.


But seriously, think about it. You have an investment property in NYC that you bought in order to rent out knowing you could make enough of a profit to make it worth your time – now freaking MIRANDA from Sex and the City is telling you what you’re allowed to charge?