New Updates Emerge In Story Of Wake Forest Coach That Fatally Punched Tourist In The Face

Ashley (Kimber)

Either way you slice it, this is a terrible thing.

I wrote about Sabor Szabo, the tourist who was punched in the face while in NYC for his stepsister’s wedding.

The punch made him fall on his head -the impact leading to brain damage that ultimately led to his death a few days later.

While the man who punched him fled the scene – he was later identified as Wake Forest basketball coach Jamill Jones.

Originally, the man’s brother said that Sabor was tapping on cars hoping to find his Uber driver – a new side of the story has emerged.

Because of course… there are ALWAYS two sides to every story.

According to the New York Post: 

Szabo — in town for his stepsister’s wedding — had left his brother’s LIC hotel and was looking for a cab he ordered, his family claimed.

Szabo, 35, banged multiple cars in front of 41-10 29th St. at around 1:15 a.m., sources said.

A local resident heard the ruckus and came out of his home to confront Szabo, who then punched that person in the face, according to the sources.

Ok… so the drunken man MIGHT have been looking for his Uber – as was originally said – but it appears he was also an aggressor.

And while Sabor did NOT punch Jamill Jones… he DID punch someone.

Jones then approached Szabo and punched him, knocking him unconscious.

Jones then approached Szabo and slugged him — causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on the pavement.

Szabo was taken to the hospital in critical condition and succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday.

Police released surveillance video on Sunday that showed the assailant walking away from the scene.

Jamill Jones turned himself into police after the NYPD published photos of him and his vehicle.

The medical examiner hasn’t revealed whether Jones’ punch led to Szabo’s death. Law enforcement sources said the charges against Jones could be upgraded depending on the findings.

So now you know both sides.

But as they say… there’s one person’s side, the other person’s side, and the truth.