Stormy Daniels Arrested In Ohio.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

According to this, Stormy Daniels was arrested at a strip club in Ohio last night, and is now facing three counts of illegally touching one of the customers there, and you guys, I find this positively HILARIOUS.

Michael Avenatti, as you can imagine, is losing his sh*t.

So, there’s apparently a law in Ohio that stipulates that if a worker who “regularly appears nude or semi-nude” at a “sexually oriented business,” then said worker is not allowed to touch anyone who’s not a family member while in said state of undress at said business.

I’m guessing Stormy was unfamiliar with said law.

She posted bail in the amount of $6,054 and was on her merry way, and will be arraigned tomorrow morning.

The probable cause statement from the detective reads as follows:

“At approximately 11:30 p.m. a dancer using the stage name Stormy Daniels, later identified as Stephanie Clifford made her way to the main stage and began performing. The majority of the patrons got up from their tables and stood immediately adjacent to the stage, throwing dollar bills at Ms. Clifford. During her performance, after removing her top exposing her breasts, she began forcing the faces of the patrons into her chest and using her bare breasts to smack the patrons. The officers also observed Ms. Clifford fondling the breasts of female patrons. As soon as the officers observed the aforementioned criminal activity Det. Lancaster, Det. Keckley, and Ofc. Praither approached the stage. Ms. Clifford made her way over to Det. Keckley and began performing in front of her. Ms. Clifford leaned over, grabbed Det. Keckley’s head and began smacking her face with her bare breasts and holding her face between her breasts against her chest. Ms. Clifford then made her way over to Det. Lancaster and performed the same acts on him forcing his face into her chest between her breasts and began smacking his face with her bare breasts. Ms. Clifford then moved down the stage where Ofc. Praither was standing and began fondling Ofc. Praither buttock and breasts, she then forced Ofc. Praither’s head into her chest between her breasts and began smacking Ofc. Praither’s face with her bare breasts as she had done with all the other patrons and aforementioned officers. During this time Det. Rosser was standing back near the bar area witnessing the criminal activity. As soon as Ms. Clifford moved on from Ofc. Praither, Det. Rosser made his way through the crowd to advise the other officers that he was exiting the club to request the assistance of patrol to arrest the aforementioned three suspects. All three suspects were arrested without incident.”

As you can see, Stormy really likes smacking people with her boobs, and that is apparently frowned upon in our neighboring state of Ohio. You might say that Ohio has had #basta of Stormy’s boobsmacking.