Ben Shapiro Just NUKED “Clock Boy” In Court

Ashley (Kimber)

Many of you may remember the story of “Clock Boy.”

If you don’t: 

On September 14, 2015, Ahmed, then 14, brought a reassembled digital clock to school to show his teachers.

What happens next forever lives in INFAMY!

But the clock looked more like a bomb. So his teacher, acting as any responsible teacher would when confronted with something that looks like a bomb, confiscated it and reported the incident to the school’s principal, who decided the potential of a threat was plausible enough to call the police.

When police came to the school, they questioned Ahmed and were able to determine that the device was not a bomb. But they arrested him under the suspicion that it may have been a “hoax bomb,” and brought him to the police station so as to be able to further clarify the boy’s intentions.

Police later released Ahmed to his parents, and did not charge him, determining that he had no malicious intent.

He immediately became the left’s little poster child for victims of RAAACISM…. or something.

Ahmed became an overnight cause célèbre among progressives, who pointed to the school’s reaction to Ahmed’s clock that looked like a bomb as an example of racism and Islamophobia.

President Obama tweeted, “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House?” Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Google, and Twitter also extended their support.

Of COURSE Obama fawned all over this kid.

…but things weren’t over. Clock Boy’s family decided to milk this. HARD.

In November 2015, Ahmed’s family threatened Irving and the school district with a lawsuit if they did not pay the laughable sum of $15 million — plus offer a public apology. Irving refused.

The following year the Mohameds filed multiple lawsuits. One was the discrimination against Irving and the school district, which called for unspecified damages.

Judge Lindsay dismissed it, explaining that Principal Daniel Cummings was “responsible for the safety of students and others on campus” and made a reasonable decision given the limited information he had available, and the perceived risk of the device actually being a bomb.

He literally disassembled a clock, made it look like A BOMB, and brought it to school.

It would have been reckless of the school NOT to investigate it.

What if it was a bomb? What then? “We didn’t look into it because that would have been racist.”


The other lawsuit was a defamation suit against several media outlets and commentators, including Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck. That was quickly thrown out as well, with legal fees and court costs awarded to the defendants.

The case was dismissed. But as it turns out… it’s been moving through the courts on appeal THIS WHOLE TIME… BECAUSE CLOCK BOY AND FAM WEREN’T GIVING UP ON THAT SWEET SWEET MONEY.

Shapiro’s team just nuked them.



His lawyer is obviously REALLY glad this is over:


They could have settled… it would have probably been less expensive. But NO! Never give in to this kind of bullcrap!!!