CNN Takes ‘Investigative Reporting’ To The NEXT LEVEL

Hannah Bleau

Remember the other night when President Trump trolled the world with one of the most epic tweets in the history of epic tweets?

It’s the best.

You know what that calls for? An INVESTIGATION. Who made that obscene video?!?!? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?

Have no fear, CNN is here!

That’s right. CNN has an entire post about the dude who created that video. He’s a RUSSIAN BOT! JK. No he’s not.

YouTube user eLouai, aka Louai Munajim, told CNN’s COVER/LINE in an email he lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His channel now includes 27 videos, mostly about shows or movies like “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones” and “La La Land.” His one political video, “#NeverTrump election night 2016,” was uploaded in December 2016. It’s not clear how Trump found it to tweet Sunday.

“The reaction has been very positive,” Munajim said in an email. He has received a “small bump” in subscribers, and messages from people thanking him for the video. It “brought them joy reliving election night again,” he said. “It was quite a layered video with a lot of subtext in it.”

In the video’s description, Munajim wrote that creating it was time intensive and involved watching 8 hours of video from news channel’s election night coverage. “It had such a wonderful narrative arc to it all,” he said in an email. “The underdog, and against all odds winning the election. Truly the stuff of fairytales.” No one from the administration reached out about using the video, he said.

I just can’t believe that someone in the CNN newsroom was all, “Hey. That video. Who created it? This calls for a full blown investigation! Get on that Jan! We need a write-up on that, pronto!”

Pathetic, guys.

h/t CNN